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Memento mori 2 – My lost and deleted builds

For most of these, nothing remains, not even a screenshot, but the hint of nostalgia is equally long gone.

My first single-player city: Memento mori 1 – My first ever creative world – PREMIUM MINECRAFT BLOG

1/3: Google Plus Era

pillager outpost structure ingame

The days when you shared a screenshot to your Google+ Circles. I first played Minecraft 1.6.4 on a crappy Windows XP laptop with no mouse! Imagine my shock when the only build I remember doing was some sand-castle thing. I eventually joined my first server, being proud of some stairs I did in a shared base.

There was one specific 1.7.3 SMP I played on, which allowed sponge block plot claims. I made a small home with a mine to its side. The server was fairly popular and soon claims popped up all over right next to my home, and I was surrounded with lava walls multiple times.

Other builds: Flying island with a mage tower (think pillager Outpost). Sandstone castle with arches and docks on an SMP (griefed with TNT cannons). Cliffside nether base and shared underground bunker.

2/3: Early Planet Minecraft


Minecraft 1.12 and beyond released. I deleted my first Planet Minecraft projects, which were: Brookes cinema, the “biggest MC cinema”. Brookes Bus terminal with a curve and hand statue. Tudor town with two tiny streets and garden. And two contest builds: An evil manor on a small mountain (I wanted to get a lightning strike screenshot!) and a Hedgelog Tree Hotel with lodges around a pre-made tree map.

I kept starting towns and quitting πŸ˜€ I started a coastal city but stopped after a bridge with a truck cab. I also had a (fairly major for that time) city using World Edit and Mods such as an extra slabs(?) mod. There were multiple streets with buildings and a superstore with a delivery truck. It got corrupted. Others:

3/3: Realism City Servers

dynmap plugin texture error

Starting to get professional (or so I thought). I kept to Minecraft 1.13.2 to keep playing on the Architects MC / Infinite Architects Society (IAS) server. There I learnt to make roads, followed a tutorial to make my first proper looking townhouse and made multiple skyscrapers (some in cover image). The server closed.

I had a similar project on Cubed Creative (some in cover image). I had a two-level highway filled with many cars, skyscrapers, TV tower and random castle ruins. The server closed into hiatus for years.

Finally in late 2017 I created this blog with no idea what I was doing, and went on to host a creative server into 2019. The server was my personal replacement for IAS and managed to get multiple users per day. I had an overly ambitious to-do list for the server. By the time I got round to it, the hosting run out and we never bothered restarting the server…having never exported half the builds. OK, that should be it.

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