Memories pt.2 – My lost and deleted builds


So many…. Too many… But this did happen over a period of years. And it mostly concerns my early builds that very simply quite bad and have no value other than the nostalgia known only to me. For most of these, nothing remains, not even a screenshot. Servers go down. Files get deleted in a split second decision. Saves get lost and corrupt.

My First City

Memories pt.1 – My first creative world city – Premium Minecraft Blog

Google Plus Era (MC 1.6.4 – 1.7.3) (2014)

  • The good old days when you shared a screenshot to your Google+ Circles, long gone.
  • I first played Minecraft on 1.6.4 on a crappy Windows XP laptop with no mouse! You can imagine my shock when the only build i remember doing was some sandcastle build (courtyard, kind of).
  • My first server experience was with someone called ThatGuyBen and Randomizer/Boeing787 (can’t remember, please say if you’re out there!) We built a nice cabin on a flattened hillside, and I remember being proud of the stairs I built, and exploring the amazing builds on the server!
  • There was this specific server I played on, now on a computer on 1.7.3. It had small plots claimable by a sponge block, and considering this was years ago, griefing could be bad. I made a small two floor wooden home with stairs to a mine on the side. The server was fairly popular and soon claims popped up all over right next to my home, and I was surrounded with lava walls multiple times.
  • I built a small flying island with a mage watchtower. I believe it looked like the pillager Outpost!
  • On another major survival server, I ended up getting a large claim and making a sandstone castle villa thing, with arches and docks over a lake. It looked incredible for that time, but was eventually griefed with TNT cannons outside the claim. I got the materials by trading at the server hub store.
  • Other things from that server: I kept a list of my ingame friends in real life (there were no friend list commands)! And before the castle, I lived in the nether in a small lava cliffside base with one of them. I later shared an underground den with two girls, but the base wasn’t claimed and was eventually griefed after I moved out.
pillager outpost structure ingame

Early Planet Minecraft (MC 1.12) (2016)

  • I had a few early projects I uploaded to Planet Minecraft. Clearly, I wasn’t proud of them or I had barely started, because after years I deleted the posts, and had no original screenshots left. This was where I was starting to get into World Edit and realistic builds as well, over time.
  • There was a Brookes Cinema, “The biggest Minecraft cinema” is what I called it, had it ever been done. There was a Brookes Bus Terminal, abandoned after 1 bus and 1 small glass building. It had a cool shape though. There was a Tudor Town consisting of 2 tiny streets and a garden area. And two builds for Planet Minecraft contests – an evil nether manor on a small mountain (I managed to catch a lightning strike in a screenshot), and a Hedgelog Tree Hotel that added like 5 platforms/paths to the huge tree from the starter map…
  • At one point I had this sudden inspiration to make a coastal city, but I stopped after doing a bit of the water/beach and a part of a large bridge, and like 3 basic office buildings. I wasn’t happy with how it was going, but I was however proud of a truck cab I built, so that’s all good…
  • I keep forgetting this one, but I started another town using World Edit and Mods (such as some mod that added extra slabs/sideways slabs or something). It was going really well, but the buildings broke down after removing mods and updating the game version, no backups. There was a part of a highway and multiple tall buildings, and a cul-de-sac street with a strip mall and billboards. Behind all this was a pretty large ASDA superstore, with another truck I was proud of in the deliveries area.
  • Other earliest builds were all featured on this blog.
  • Spiral Dreams Skyscraper – Spiral Dreams skyscraper – logic defying build? – Premium Minecraft Blog
  • Riomaggiore Italian coastal city – Riomaggiore city, Italy recreated in Minecraft – Premium Minecraft Blog
  • Brookes Football Stadium – Brookes Football Stadium – a major project at work! – Premium Minecraft Blog
  • Modern monkey mansion – Modern-ish mansion home?! – Premium Minecraft Blog
italian coastal house

Realism City Servers (MC 1.13.2) (2017+)

  • Here I was getting professional with my city thing.
  • I had a large city going on the Architects MC / Infinite Architects Society (IAS) server. There was a few hundred block highway and interchange, many major life-like skyscrapers and townhouses, and some off-beat stuff like an O-shaped modern house and tram line I followed a Keralis tutorial for.
  • Remember, ALL of the builds here were lost save for a screenshot or two. This server went down after 2-3 years and none of my builds were exported.
  • Architects MC – Server of the Month: July ? – Architects MC – Premium Minecraft Blog
  • I had another large city on Cubed Creative, which I hadn’t exported either when the server closed for a years long update and cleared the worlds. It had a two-level highway, many skyscrapers, a TV tower, and some random castle ruins in the midst of it. The large streets were absolutely filled with cars, I took care of that.
  • Cubed Creative – Server of the Month: August ? – Cubed Creative – Premium Minecraft Blog
  • Finally, late 2017 I founded both this blog, and a creative server of my own! The server was my personal replacement for Architects MC when that went down, and had multiple users a day at its peak, even 10 at once. I remember putting off my overly ambicious to-do list for all the things I meant to change on the server. By the time I was somewhat done, the server soon closed. But with that, half of our main city worlds (there were like 6 in total) got lost in the chaos and backups…
  • Inside Creative archive – INSIDE CREATIVE server and archive of buildings – Premium Minecraft Blog
  • I think we’re done, that’s a heavy amount of lost work…
dynmap plugin texture error

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