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My creative building flatworld showcase

A building portfolio of sorts showing my raw unedited work. These are my two old creative flatworlds, one for creative building and storage, and the other more for experimentation (note…

Server spawn dome in Minecraft

Circular server spawn [quick build #3]

Here is something I made a while ago. An experiment to try make a simple server spawn / hub / whatever you wanna call it. It relies on the “hsphere”…

simcity recreated in minecraft

Creator highlight: GNwork team (SimCity in Minecraft!)

COVER IMAGE: GNwork on Planet Minecraft This creative building team have recreated literally tens of huge American and Chinese cities. Yet, many of their projects stay underrated with only a…

modern cyberpunk city build

Modern cyberpunk city [showcase + timelapse]

This small slice of a futuristic, cyberpunk megacity was built for the 2048 Planet Minecraft contest in 2019. It features 3 towers surrounded by messy wires, pipes, walkways and bridges….


COVER IMAGE Minecraft Video Game Blocks – Free image on Pixabay World Edit: Irregular selections This tutorial introduces you to the different selection modes available with World Edit. There’s more…

Minecraft towers with loft tool

The LOFT TOOL is epic! (Building easy organics)

The Arceon Minecraft plugin is a paid set of creative tools developed by Arcaniax. It’s free to use on servers such as Builder’s Refuge. It comes with the Loft Tool…

top view of minecraft temple room

Lost ancient temple [quick build #2]

The lone survivor stumbles into the ruined temple. Before him, an altar stands lit up by boiling lava. Nature struggles through every crack. Dried blood dots the floor. He stands…

blurred out list of planned posts

Planned posts and things – soon

Above is an unreadible list of upcoming posts for you to read, soon. Random Minecraft screenshots, building projects, survival tips, interesting server features, and more. So yes, this blog is…


Quick mid-monthly post (images and ideas)

Tiny render distance SURVIVAL CHALLENGE: try and survive in Minecraft on a tiny render distance of 2 chunks! Incredible inconvenient – you’ll easily miss a sheep, village or creeper that’s…


HOUSE OF SOVIETS Minecraft replica

“The House of Soviets is an unfinished building in the city of Kaliningrad. The local people often refer to it as the “buried robot” because its appearance resembles the head of a giant robot which is buried…


Minecraft tools: Cinema 4D, Mineways and more

Mineways real-time rendering “Mineways lets you export your creations from Minecraft: Java Edition, versions 1.17 and earlier, into 3D files you can use for making images, movies, or 3D prints….


The Interlace inspired APTS COMPLEX in Minecraft

This is a quick experiment of mine. An apartment complex made from stacked blocks (made from even smaller Minecraft blocks!), inspired by the Interlace by architect Ole Scheeren. The post…


WORLD EDIT poly selection tutorial for easier building

Poly selection //sel poly – Select a 2D polygon with height A polygon is a flat shape with any number of straight sides. The above command allows you to select…


Skyscraper, roads and other stuff

Moving on from the Norwich Project, something different will be posted soon! Behind the scenes road building, a planned skyscraper, etc. I also aim to publish a World Edit tutorial…


TATLIN TOWER – Minecraft replica of the monument

After two days of building, Vladimir Tatlin’s famous constructivist tower now exists in Minecraft! The near-exact replica uses stone-based blocks, terracotta and extensive use of World Edit. It stands at…


Resources for Minecraft builders and commissions

This is a list of some general resources for Minecraft building, tool usage and commissions found online. Isn’t not the biggest, and may or may not be updated in the…