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Update 2: My ongoing projects, plans & new skills

Short list to update everyone on what I’ve been up to. You deserve an explanation since I delayed The Line project and side-tracked. Either way, new builds keep releasing so…

Minecraft Legends game wallpaper

Minecraft Legends new info and release date!

Since a few days ago, when you first enter the Minecraft launcher, two Allays will spin around the loading icon. They will disappear into the Minecraft Legends tab on the…

comparison old vs new inventory

Minecraft 1.19.3 new creative inventory layout

I don’t play on the newest versions so I didn’t notice at first. However, a major change in update 1.19.3 has been the complete re-organization of the creative inventory. Some…

Poster of rising kingdom animated video

FALLEN KINGDOM is back after years! (Rising Kingdom and lore)

Previous songs Fallen Kingdom plot summary in one sentence – Premium Minecraft Blog Now… Rising Kingdom – fighting the Warden Rising Kingdom After 6 years, the 5th installment in the…

minecraft mining company

Minecraft now owns the Minecraft.Com domain

Minecraft.Net is the original Minecraft website. Going to Minecraft.Com would always take you to the website of the “MineCraft Consulting” Australian mining solutions company – but that is no more….

minecon 2022 banner frogs

Talking of Minecraft Mob votes… [Minecraft Live 2022]

Minecraft Live AKA MineCon returns in a week alongside a brand new mob vote! The livestream will begin on October 15th at noon, 12 EDT time. Mob overview below. From…

youtuber dream face reveal

Breaking news: YouTuber DREAM has a face!

After years of anonymous success behind a mask, the Minecraft manhunt YouTuber Dream has finally uploaded a face reveal (6 hours ago as of publishing this post). I’m not sure…


MINECON MOB VOTES – A look at Minecraft’s Lost Mobs

2017 – THE BARNACLE Image above. The squid-like “Moster of the ocean depths” would suck players down to the ocean depths with its tenticle. This mob vote happened before the…

Early alpha version of Minecraft

You CAN still play official Minecraft Classic in your browser

Minecraft has long gone past the days of a simple place-and-break-blocks sandbox in your browser. The modern Minecraft website and launcher show no signs of an online “demo” version. Yet,…

premium minecraft blog banner

🎉100 POSTS! Premium Minecraft rebranding & links

This is the 100th post published on this blog! Premium Minecraft has been my personal blog and project dump since 2017. Here’s to 100 more posts in the future. Coincidentally,…

minecraft launcher technoblade

✞ TECHNOBLADE dies from cancer – honored by Mojang

Famous Youtuber Technoblade has passed away from cancer in June 2022. His last video was uploaded on July 1st, with a statement by his father. Even in death he mocks…

village by AdultsOnlyMinecraft

Minecraft for Windows free for Java players!

Java + Bedrock bundle Minecraft for Windows 10 (Bedrock edition) is now free for players who have Java (PC edition), and vice versa! Mojang promised the gift for the start…

Minecraft Indev menu screen

If this blog had Splash Text!

Minecraft has the ever changing yellow splash texts in the main menu. This blog is for Minecraft. Now combine the two together, and you get… blog splashes? If only there…