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Spiral Dreams skyscraper – logic defying build?

First blog, first post, and first building! Yep, it’s a skyscraper! And here we’re not talking about another

tall glass box, or any other box in fact – this one is a big circular spiral reaching up into the sky!

Hope you like it… It’s about 80 blocks high, so it took me a good few hours to build! Inside it consists of a single open space, no floors, and a spiral staircase leading you to the viewing area at the top. Outside it has 2 car parks separated by a pathway, a few roads and even a small roundabout.

(So now you know why it’s called it what it’s called.. so many spirals – and circles – on the outside as well as the inside! Lame joke, right.. ha ha.)

Download the map here – for Minecraft 1.8 or above.

Cover image:

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