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drained ocean monument at night

Drained ocean monument + storage system in survival

After hours of work over several days, I had fully drained an ocean monument, including the inside, and the land around it (100×100 blocks area drained in total). It’s now…


Simplest TNT cannon [no redstone or water]

This has to be the simplest possible TNT cannon you can build in the game! It’s definitely nothing fancy and has a short range, but is quick to set up…


Minecraft in real life – buildings and finding inspiration

This post offers some inspiration for city builders from real life buildings that look like Minecraft. These homes are chunky and simple, brutalist, modern, with sharp edges, clean lines and…


Light a nether portal without flint and steel (1.16)

Portal broken and no spare flint and steel? Tough luck, prepare to live out in the nether for the rest of your life. The end. At least you’ll have the…


WORLD EDIT poly selection tutorial for easier building

Poly selection //sel poly – Select a 2D polygon with height A polygon is a flat shape with any number of straight sides. The above command allows you to select…


Minecraft websites and stuff

Some random websites and tools relating to Minecraft that I have found or been using! Hopefully you might find these useful or fun. Also search for “resources” on the blog…


Inventory considerations for wandering into the end

Note – this is a brief overview, do your research before a real fight! Armor and sword – only the best will do here! Enchanted diamond is the classic choice….


Inventory considerations for exploring the nether

Tools and weapons – taking an extra sword and pick might be a life-saver, or at least very helpful, after prolonged fighting or mining. Take a strong sword, just don’t…


Inventory considerations if mining underground

Tools – take a few extra shovels and picks (note, an iron or better pickaxe is required for many ores). An extra sword might be worth bringing too, while a…


Inventory basics for any survival adventure

Tools – you never know when an axe, shovel or pick might come in handy! Iron is a good choice of material for tools as well as weapons and armor….


Survival inventory layout and space management

Once you’ve gathered some basic resources and built shelter, sooner or later you’ll want to safely explore your world. Or maybe, you like the idea of being prepared. Ready for…


Tips to improve your screenshots

Want to take a few screenshots of your latest build? Show your skills to the world? Well, you not only have to make the build, but also the screenshots good!…


What are: Minecraft Add-ons

Hello, and welcome to the first “What is/are” post! Here I’ll be telling you about anything, from new blocks and in-game features to Minecraft events, releases and more. So, let’s…