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replay mod poster timelines

REPLAY MOD – set up & usage (text-based timelapse tutorial)

Disclaimer: This tutorial was made on Minecraft 1.16.5. Minor features might differ on other versions. Installing For a server-side Replay Mod check SReplay (It’s a separate plugin not covered by…

before after building walls

How to build SKYSCRAPERS faster in survival Minecraft

Skyscrapers are impressive, but even more so if you build them in survival Minecraft. Here are some tips and ways to speed up the process of building towers. And yes,…

terrain with red missing textures

CHUNKY rendering – quick fix missing textures

Chunky rendering tutorial CHUNKY tutorial – start to end text-based introduction to rendering – Premium Minecraft Blog

dynamic map of minecraft city

Google Maps in Minecraft: DYNMAP & list of alternatives

COVER IMAGE: GREENFIELD. These plugins allow you to view your Minecraft world from above in various ways and through various means. Some are server only, some can be used locally,…

clean renders scifi minecraft builds

CHUNKY tutorial – start to end text-based introduction to rendering

How you present your Minecraft build matters. Step up your professionalism using Chunky. A good render can improve any build – but don’t overdo it and create false expectations when…

default texture title with grass tiled

How to find the Default Texture Pack for any Minecraft version

I came across a 7 year old thread on Reddit that still holds up. Two commenters very clearly and concisely explains how to get and use the default textures for…

photo collage world edit tutorial

World Edit rotating and tilted buildings [beginner tutorial]

Here is a step-by-step introduction to World Edit rotation, specifically how to rotate and tilt buildings. It was inspired by a popular “abandoned city” post shared on the Minecraft subreddit….

enderman staring at player

Automatic Y=0 enderman farm | pearl dispenser | other item filter

This is an old design I created on my own, for a simple redstone machine to add to your enderman XP farm. The machine will YEET pearls into the void…

small modern hillside base build

How to improve your Minecraft starter base

The architecture of your first Minecraft base is… probably not much. A dirt and wood hut thrown together in the last minute before sundown. A dug-out hole in the mountainside….

Early alpha version of Minecraft

You CAN still play official Minecraft Classic in your browser

Minecraft has long gone past the days of a simple place-and-break-blocks sandbox in your browser. The modern Minecraft website and launcher show no signs of an online “demo” version. Yet,…

poster with mc debug sticks

The DEBUG STICK tool is your friend (An overview)

The debug stick is a tool that comes default with Minecraft Java, allowing players to manipulate blocks in their world. Specifically, the stick changes “block states” or “block properties”. These…

drained ocean monument at night

Drained ocean monument + storage system in survival

After hours of work over several days, I had fully drained an ocean monument, including the inside, and the land around it (100×100 blocks area drained in total). It’s now…


Simplest TNT cannon [no redstone or water]

This has to be the simplest possible TNT cannon you can build in the game! It’s definitely nothing fancy and has a short range, but is quick to set up…


Minecraft in real life – buildings and finding inspiration

This post offers some inspiration for city builders from real life buildings that look like Minecraft. These homes are chunky and simple, brutalist, modern, with sharp edges, clean lines and…


Light a nether portal without flint and steel (1.16)

Portal broken and no spare flint and steel? Tough luck, prepare to live out in the nether for the rest of your life. The end. At least you’ll have the…


WORLD EDIT poly selection tutorial for easier building

Poly selection //sel poly – Select a 2D polygon with height A polygon is a flat shape with any number of straight sides. The above command allows you to select…