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Builds X Renders

Portfolio render cyberpunk scifi cityscape
Portfolio render island hut in scifi city
Portfolio render los auto gta city port
Portfolio render MAP LA
Portfolio render desert line city marina
Portfolio render rocket league arena
Portfolio render surat office building replica

Clients X Reviews

“I do not believe this builder is human. He pumps out buildings like it’s nothing. I do not think there’s a single person on earth who could EVER keep up with him which is exactly why he’s so damn impressive to clients.”

Leah, owner Rebirth Builds

“Loved working with you Mega ! I’d come back for sure to work on our next project!”

DanJoe3, server owner

“Mega built me an awesome apartment complex for my gta server. Great design and fast work. Highly recommend!”

Speedboost57, server owner

“Amazing builder and contributor to ModernCraft!”

AgentH14, owner ModernCraft

“Very good map, I would recommend to anyone looking for a city for their project!”

SebxteR, owner Saturn Studio