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Server spawn dome in Minecraft

Circular server spawn [quick build #3]

Here is something I made a while ago. An experiment to try make a simple server spawn / hub / whatever you wanna call it. It relies on the “hsphere”…

Real life complex graffiti art

Dump of random inspiration and things I want to build

W. Disney Concert Hall walt disney concert los angeles in progress Minecraft Map (planetminecraft.com) Raffles City Chongqing Safdie Architects Guggenheim Bilbao The Building | Guggenheim Museum Bilbao (guggenheim-bilbao.eus) Taiwanese Twist…

top view of minecraft temple room

Lost ancient temple [quick build #2]

The lone survivor stumbles into the ruined temple. Before him, an altar stands lit up by boiling lava. Nature struggles through every crack. Dried blood dots the floor. He stands…


Build highlight: Heliopolis city

https://www.planetminecraft.com/project/heliopolis-city-mega-project/ A solo project of epic proportions, this is the city of Heliopolis! In the works since 2012, this is a personal project of an unknown italian builder. And while…


Summary of Fallen Kingdom and Take Back the Night

Summary of Find The Pieces and Dragon Hearted can also be found here: https://premiumminecraft.com/summary-of-fallen-kingdom-2/ The Fallen Kingdom The King wanders through his empty, ruined kingdom. We see constant flash backs…


Portfolio of realistic building

Open images in new tab for large size. This is a gallery of various projects I’ve built over these past years! The theme is mostly realistic sci fi and modern….


The wave, Aquatic story one

Part 2: https://premiumminecraft.com/wave-aquatic-story-two/ 1 “And it is with great pride that I, leader of the People, open the dozen-moonly celebrations of the sacred elements. Let the offerings commence!” With this,…


Riomaggiore city, Italy recreated in Minecraft

Hey guys, I’m back, and once again I have a new build to show you! But this time it isn’t just any old build – it’s an Italian one! Riomaggiare…