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circular black white building

ARCEON PLUGIN overview of features (Review)

This is a PAID mod, but you can use it free on the Builder’s Refuge server! In short, the Arceon mod adds a ton of very good features for the…

portfolio cover spiral dreams

MegaMinerDL Build Portfolio 2022 (Outdated)

Click to open images in new tab in full size. Outdated portfolio – new one in pinned post on blog. Important! Portfolio part 2 In-depth individual posts Building portfolio 2022

small modern hillside base build

How to improve your Minecraft starter base

The architecture of your first Minecraft base is… probably not much. A dirt and wood hut thrown together in the last minute before sundown. A dug-out hole in the mountainside….

My creative building flatworld showcase

A building portfolio of sorts showing my raw unedited work. These are my two old creative flatworlds, one for creative building and storage, and the other more for experimentation (note…

minecraft art poster with cube


Minecraft WEBTOONS anime The famous WEBTOONS/comic artist Merryweather combines anime girls and Minecraft. Some animated videos are also available on their Youtube (Merryweather Comics). “Steve is a builder that just…


Simplest TNT cannon [no redstone or water]

This has to be the simplest possible TNT cannon you can build in the game! It’s definitely nothing fancy and has a short range, but is quick to set up…

PS3 mini games — tumble Christmas map

This is a quick look at the limited time CHRISTMAS MAP on the Minecraft PS3 tumble mini game! I’m leaving this here for reference, and to add a touch of…


Christmas post – builds, bedwars and the Minecraft blog

December newsletter for the connoisseur of Minecraft content. Contains builds, blog updates, and a special feature! Bedwars creative madness MERRY CHRISTMAS! Merry christmas! While I do not have anything christmasy…


HOUSE OF SOVIETS Minecraft replica

“The House of Soviets is an unfinished building in the city of Kaliningrad. The local people often refer to it as the “buried robot” because its appearance resembles the head of a giant robot which is buried…


Creator highlight: FyreUK

Text: https://imgur.com/j3h6Q9N. Images: https://twitter.com/fyreuk Prologue A long time ago, in a galaxy not so far away… I found a game called Minecraft — I still remember the confusion about a…


Creator highlight: oCd disco_

Highlight of a renowned creator in the Minecraft community! Disco is a former redstone master builder active until late 2014. He had since moved on to other projects, dubbing himself…


Portfolio of realistic building (2021) (Outdated)

Click to open images in new tab in full size. Outdated portfolio – new one in pinned post on blog. This is a gallery of various projects I’ve built over…


Resources for Minecraft builders and commissions

This is a list of some general resources for Minecraft building, tool usage and commissions found online. Isn’t not the biggest, and may or may not be updated in the…


INSIDE CREATIVE server and archive of buildings

Open images in new tab for large size. This page is an archive of content from my now-closed Inside Creative freebuild server. While most of the builds and worlds weren’t…


Build highlight: Infinity City!

“The most complex modern city in Minecraft” This amazing (and truly complex) city is the work of player Minecraft Expert. This no longer active master builder owns the no longer…


Minecraft’s pros of Cons

Did I mistype “pros and cons”? No! Because Minecraft actually has plenty of big Cons, and not in the sense you might think (note the capital letter!) They’re not bad…