"I don't know why this blog has a redstone category" - MMDL, 2023


Update 2: My ongoing projects, plans & new skills

Short list to update everyone on what I’ve been up to. You deserve an explanation since I delayed The Line project and side-tracked. Either way, new builds keep releasing so…

studio apartment furniture in minecraft

Blocky interior design – ModernCraft realism in Minecraft

This is a gallery of some of the many interiors I did for the ModernCraft marketplace project. More on the project and build gallery in the previous post (link at…

Screenshot modern seaside buildings

ModernCraft marketplace project – Realism builds gallery

ModernCraft is a marketplace project with multiple builders making a coastal city. There are multiple districts in different styles, and I am in charge of the modern district. The specific…


Memories pt.2 – My lost and deleted builds

So many…. Too many… But this did happen over a period of years. And it mostly concerns my early builds that very simply quite bad and have no value other…

row of miniature buildings build

Memories pt.1 – My first creative world city

COVER IMAGE: TINY SCALE MODEL OF WHAT THE CITY LOOKED LIKE. Everything was built by hand, and very simple with no depth, realism or detail. It was unique and fun!…

replay mod poster timelines

REPLAY MOD – set up & usage (text-based timelapse tutorial)

Disclaimer: This tutorial was made on Minecraft 1.16.5. Minor features might differ on other versions. Installing For a server-side Replay Mod check SReplay (It’s a separate plugin not covered by…

before after building walls

How to build SKYSCRAPERS faster in survival Minecraft

Skyscrapers are impressive, but even more so if you build them in survival Minecraft. Here are some tips and ways to speed up the process of building towers. And yes,…

among us crewmates built ingame

How to (not) win at Build Battle

Do NOT build the theme This one is important! If you want to win, remember to not build exactly what the theme is asking for. Building the theme is unnecessary…

terrain with red missing textures

CHUNKY rendering – quick fix missing textures

Chunky rendering tutorial CHUNKY tutorial – start to end text-based introduction to rendering – Premium Minecraft Blog

animated steve diamond sword

Minecraft with GUNS? Examples..

Floppy Minecraft AKA “Bad Minecraft” made by coder Steven. There’s gravity and realistic physics, and a gun craftable from 1 diamond… Everything seems fine. There’s random terrain generation, a day-night…

dynamic map of minecraft city

Google Maps in Minecraft: DYNMAP & list of alternatives

COVER IMAGE: GREENFIELD. These plugins allow you to view your Minecraft world from above in various ways and through various means. Some are server only, some can be used locally,…

Minecraft Legends game wallpaper

Minecraft Legends new info and release date!

Since a few days ago, when you first enter the Minecraft launcher, two Allays will spin around the loading icon. They will disappear into the Minecraft Legends tab on the…

sun rising in huge MC city

Build highlight: “Big city” (w/ cubic chunks mod)

This massive city was build by a few friends and shared online by Russian player SkyBuilder. It was built with Cubic Chunks – this mod makes the Minecraft world render…