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The Minecraft BETA 1.7 experience (classic Minecraft)

I tried the BETA 1.7 version of Minecraft from June 30 2011, which offers only the very basics of the modern game! It was an interesting experience anyone should try,…


November post – Minecraft stuff

November newsletter with random thoughts and findings. May or may not be updated. IMAGES: HYPIXEL Zombie spawner and farm A bit on mob farms (may be extended in a seperate…


Some bad Minecraft jokes

I hired a creeper to design my home. Let’s say, the style was very… original. Why didn’t the enderman go to the party? They had drinks on the menu. Why…


Creative building on console

These days most builders opt for the power of tools like World Edit and World Painter to mass-produce impressive structures. And while this is fine, the forgotten act of spending…


My first night in Minecraft

Minecraft, the game everyone was talking about! I was bound to try it eventually. Version 1.7 and my first proper survival world! Let’s say it didn’t exactly go to plan….


Inventory considerations if mining underground

Tools – take a few extra shovels and picks (note, an iron or better pickaxe is required for many ores). An extra sword might be worth bringing too, while a…


Inventory basics for any survival adventure

Tools – you never know when an axe, shovel or pick might come in handy! Iron is a good choice of material for tools as well as weapons and armor….


Survival inventory layout and space management

Once you’ve gathered some basic resources and built shelter, sooner or later you’ll want to safely explore your world. Or maybe, you like the idea of being prepared. Ready for…


The wave, Aquatic story two

Part 1: https://premiumminecraft.com/wave-aquatic-story-one/ 5 The leader of the People walked up the elaborate corridors, following in the servant’s footsteps. They echoed off the high walls and granite ceiling above. The…


Server of the Month: September ? – Hypixel

Every month I’ll be nominating a server for the ‘Server of the Month’ award to show you guys some of the best servers out there! And this month’s winner is…


Diamonds: a survivor’s friend or hidden foe?

Here you are, sitting at your computer late at night, fingers hurting from clicking. Going through endless amounts of stone and dirt, falling into caves – or worse, lava… looking…


The wave, Aquatic story one

Part 2: https://premiumminecraft.com/wave-aquatic-story-two/ 1 “And it is with great pride that I, leader of the People, open the dozen-moonly celebrations of the sacred elements. Let the offerings commence!” With this,…


? Blog return and changelog

The site, the posts, me… are at last all back! And hopefully better than ever before. Well, I’ve been here all along, getting the website ready through gradual change, but…


❄ Christmas announcements

Merry Christmas! Yes, December is finally here – a time to embrace the fire place warmth, but also a time for change! Things will change around here, and possibly a…



Finally – fish! Coral! Dolphins! DOLPHINS! In Minecraft! About time. Yesterday at Minecon Earth Jens Bergensten, the lead creative designer at Mojang, announced an upcoming Minecraft update – the update…


Tips to improve your screenshots

Want to take a few screenshots of your latest build? Show your skills to the world? Well, you not only have to make the build, but also the screenshots good!…