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Riomaggiore city, Italy recreated in Minecraft

Hey guys, I’m back, and once again I have a new build to show you! But this time it isn’t just any old build – it’s an Italian one! Riomaggiare city is a magnificent city on the coast of Italy, with narrow cobbled streets lined with rows of colourful buildings. This project, originally inspired by the Manarola city Minecraft project, is a roughly real recreation of the Riomaggiare city. And although it isn’t all the same, it still has the beauty and glamour of the real city!

So far the city has 8 buildings and a few narrow cobblestone roads. It also has a cosy ‘cave’ with chairs and tables where you can sit down in with a coffee after a hard day of work. The city is a long way from finished, and will expand very soon, so stay tuned for updates on it. I’m hoping to make it one of the most magnificent Italian cities in Minecraft!

Below is a quick video I made giving you a tour of the city – make sure to watch it, as it’s better than just the images alone!

Cover image: shows a different building I made more recently in a similar style (the actual image below is too small)


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