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This page is a general archive of content related to my now-closed Inside Creative freebuild server! While most of the builds and worlds weren’t saved with a general server backup, some stuff can be found on the internet, and various info and images were saved. This page is based off the now removed Server page on this blog. Thank you to the Inside Creative community, it’s been a great ride with its ups and downs for these past two years! Now onto the general archives from the server…

The main worlds on the server were as follows; Clover city, or the Capitol, was the main modern development with highways, homes, skyscrapers and port and more in various stages of progress. Westernfield was a major island world with large estates lining the coasts. Southbay was similar, though modernised. Lubenford was a personal city started by member Razzerz. There was also a public flat world and tree world.


General information

“Bringing you inside the world of creativity.”

Here since October 2017, Inside [Creative] is a quickly expanding, 1.12 freebuild server. We have plotworlds, regular buildoffs, plugins such as World Edit to boost your game experience, and more. So that means: everything to help make your stay as good as it can possibly be.

We’ve got active Staff on hand everyday, and we accept all builders – whatever their age, style or size of builds. From modern, realistic cityscapes to small, trad houses, we’re always trying to push the limits of what’s possible. We’re in the process of developing our first city, Clover – our main city on the server. Want to see it, or help out with anything? Join us here… And remember – the only limit is your imagination. Happy building!



Staff team and partners

  • Founder and owner MegaMinerDL. Co-owner Shawn123p
  • Staff: Razzerz_, Dolphines, _Daaaniel_, WaterSword, Jieep
  • Partner: Calosis Network ( version 1.8 to 1.13)
  • Partner: Borivia (, succeeded by

Server related websites

Saved builds and assets

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