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Privacy policy

User analytics: When you visit this site, basic user information is collected for analytical purposes. This includes your IP address, operating system, browser and device ID. We do not sell your data. We do not collect sensitive personal information. Google may further process your user information in its Analytics service to allow us to analyze when and how users interact with the site and help improve the running of the site. Google policies can be found at [] and []

Cookies: We use browser cookies, tiny text files saved to your computer, to better understand our users and improve the user experience and performance on the site. You may decline optional cookies. You can consult your browser settings to learn how to reject or delete cookies. Data may be further processed by the third party services outlined in this policy in order to provide their respective services on the site.

Caching: This site utilizes caching in order to facilitate a faster response time and better user experience. Caching potentially stores a duplicate copy of every web page that is on display on this site. All cache files are temporary, and are never accessed by any third party, except as necessary to obtain technical support from the cache plugin vendor. Cache files expire on a schedule set by the site administrator, but may be purged by the admin before their natural expiration, if necessary. We may use services to process and cache your data temporarily. Please see [] for more details.

Blog comments: When you comment, we gather data visible in the comment form, including your e-mail, username, any provided website, and IP address. We use this data to display comments, prevent spam and auto-fill your data in future comments. Akismet service may process this data for security purposes []. Additionally, an anonymized hash string created from your e-mail may be sent to Gravatar to check if its being used, to display a profile picture []

Site security: Our infrastructure aims to provide all required security measures to protect and encrypt user data. This site is part of a network of sites that protect against distributed brute force attacks. The IP address of visitors, user ID of logged in users, and username of login attempts are conditionally logged by the iThemes service to check for malicious activity and protect the site. Examples of conditions when logging occurs: login attempts, log out requests, requests for suspicious URLs, changes to site content. This information is retained for 14 days. iThemes privacy policy: []

Embedded content: This site may contain embedded content such as videos. Embedded content from other websites behaves in a similar way as if the user had visited the site directly. The site may collect information about you, use third party tracking systems and cookies, and monitor your interactions with embedded material, including tracking interactions if you have an account and are logged in to that site. Furthermore, by clicking on any third party links or embedded content on this site, you are taken to a third party website that may handle your data differently as outlined in their respective privacy policy.

Data from minors: We will never collect personally identifiable information from individuals under 13 years of age. If any such data is found or suspected through our comment forms, we will deny the comment, preventing it from displaying publicly in the first place, and delete the data immediately.

Data storage: We store anonymous analytic data indefinitely for the purposes of archival, research and statistics, to the extend permitted by law and in accordance with Google’s policies. Comment data is stored indefinitely to display comments and provide the auto-fill features. Third party services described above may store your data differently or for a shorter duration; refer to their respective privacy policies.

Your rights: You control your data. You can contact us to make requests about your data. This includes a request to view any data we have on you, request a digital copy of data, request the erasure of data, and request to restrict collection. This excludes any data we are legally required to hold. If you think data was mishandled you can lodge a complaint with the Poland Data Protection Authority []

Data controller: The controller of your data is the owner of this website. You can get in touch through a variety of means found at []. For legal or business enquiries, a contact e-mail will be provided at request. If you are enquiring about the editing or removal of a comment, you must contact us using the same e-mail address that you used to comment to prove the comment is yours.

Updates: If major changes are made to this policy, a prior notice will be placed on the front page.

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