Memories pt.1 – My first creative world city

row of miniature buildings build


Everything was built by hand, and very simple with no depth, realism or detail. It was unique and fun! Notice my bad choice of materials. The homes had simple furnished interiors and the shops had rows of filled dispensers for shopping “at the press of a button”. The world has long ago been deleted 🙁

EDIT: This build by Shawn_ is a bit similar regarding the date and look!

Road side A

  • 3 floor L-shaped apartment block from white wool with a wooden greenhouse thing in the back
  • Spruce logs and planks home with a porch
  • Hardware store from red wool and black glass
  • Empty filler plots of land with a “FOR SALE” sign
  • Swimming pool from 3 colors of blue wool and with glass patterns on the roof and based on IRL
  • ??Small blue apartment block??

Road side B

  • Traditional mansion home from yellow wool, with red roof (also wool).
  • Yellow house with a roof something like this /\\
  • Iron railway station with interior and with outdoor stairs to a first floor office
  • Town hall from yellow wool with bell tower and interior double curving stairs
  • Inbetween – tree and iron bar fence lined alleyway leading to T-shaped sandy playground area
  • Other store from quartz
  • Modern quartz villa overhanging a pool at the back
  • Behind villa – small station where the iron railway station rails lead to
  • Road leading to small car park and fenced off villagers village
  • Two floor KFC

Comment what were your first builds like?

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