đź“ŚMegaMinerDL Building Portfolio 2022

portfolio cover spiral dreams

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Important! Full portfolio links

This post contains my latest projects – see the other links for older but equally important builds!

Portfolio 2021 AKA Part 2

Portfolio of realistic building – Premium Minecraft Blog

Console edition portfolio

Creative building on console – Premium Minecraft Blog

My creative server COLLAB

INSIDE CREATIVE server and archive of buildings – Premium Minecraft Blog

In-depth: City Hall replica

NORWICH CITY HALL – detailed Minecraft replica – Premium Minecraft Blog

In-depth: Hudson Rise tower

HUDSON RISE HOTEL – Minecraft skyscraper replica – Premium Minecraft Blog

In-depth: Tatlin monument

TATLIN TOWER – Minecraft replica of the monument – Premium Minecraft Blog

In-depth: 2017 vs 2022 build

Spiral Dreams skyscraper 2.0 – OLD BUILD REMAKE 2017 vs 2022 – Premium Minecraft Blog

Building portfolio 2022

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