Portfolio of realistic building


This is a gallery of various projects I’ve built over these past years! The theme is mostly realistic sci fi and modern. The building portfolio is made up of skyscrapers, roads, vehicles and some other one off projects.

I relied on the World Edit tools and built many of these on the Builders Refuge server. And talking of servers… While this post covers pretty much everything, there are further projects I completed on my now closed creative server! Sadly, most have been lost, but feel free to check out the saved photos in this post: https://premiumminecraft.com/inside-creative-server-archive/

Everything was built on Minecraft version 1.12, but mostly using 1.8 blocks. Some projects have or will have their own post on this site, showing the behind the scenes and making of. These and any future builds can also be found on my Planet Minecraft profile at: https://www.planetminecraft.com/member/megaminerdl

Building showcase

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