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sun rising in huge MC city

Build highlight: “Big city” (w/ cubic chunks mod)

This massive city was build by a few friends and shared online by Russian player SkyBuilder. It was built with Cubic Chunks – this mod makes the Minecraft world render…

circular black white building

ARCEON PLUGIN overview of features (Review)

This is a PAID mod, but you can use it free on the Builder’s Refuge server! In short, the Arceon mod adds a ton of very good features for the…

patreon build collage poster

📌|📢 MegaMinerDL Portfolio + Patreon | Modern realistic city buildings & cars

Click an image to open HD (in new tab) Hi. I make replicas and concept architecture. This is an up-to-date portfolio of my builds 2019-2023 in no particular order. They…

wall-e axiom city in minecraft

Build highlight: The Axiom ship city from WALL-E

Player “Figure 8” had taken upon themselves to accurately recreate the WHOLE Axiom ship from Pixar’s WALL-E in the game! A series of 12 videos showcases the full build. In…

paw patrol hq in minecraft

Paw Patrol the Movie HQ in Minecraft

Here is my attempt to recreate the pups headquarters in Adventure City. The HQ appears in the 2021 animated Paw Patrol movie. There is a full interior and a bit…

scrapyard ft MinecraftRepro

Scrappunk style modern post-apoc city

Terrain done by MinecraftRepro (minecraftrepro.pb.online) This is an old commission project. Set within a mountain valley, this modern city is made up of 20+ skyscrapers on the banks of a…

portfolio cover spiral dreams

MegaMinerDL Build Portfolio 2022 (Outdated)

Click to open images in new tab in full size. Outdated portfolio – new one in pinned post on blog. Important! Portfolio part 2 In-depth individual posts Building portfolio 2022

My creative building flatworld showcase

A building portfolio of sorts showing my raw unedited work. These are my two old creative flatworlds, one for creative building and storage, and the other more for experimentation (note…

architecture title poster

WEEKLY NEWSLETTER – Architecture & Animation

Most realistic city 1: Greenfield Definitely the single largest Minecraft city size-wise! This sprawling map started in 2011 and is still being worked on today by a large team of…

simcity recreated in minecraft

Creator highlight: GNwork team (SimCity in Minecraft!)

COVER IMAGE: GNwork on Planet Minecraft This creative building team have recreated literally tens of huge American and Chinese cities. Yet, many of their projects stay underrated with only a…

modern cyberpunk city build

Modern cyberpunk city [quick showcase]

This small slice of a futuristic, cyberpunk megacity was built for the 2048 Planet Minecraft contest in 2019. It features 3 towers surrounded by messy wires, pipes, walkways and bridges….

minecraft post apocalyptic city

Build highlight: The Survival Games 2 city

This epic post apocalyptic city is found all over the web as a “stock” image, and doesn’t fail to impress. I could not find the original creator, however I’ll attach…

minecraft living room and pool

Modern home interior [quick build #1]

A small build done in 30 minutes or so. Modern living room and kitchen combined. Furnished with cupboards and a bar, a sofa and fireplace, and a pool table on…

PS3 mini games — tumble Christmas map

This is a quick look at the limited time CHRISTMAS MAP on the Minecraft PS3 tumble mini game! I’m leaving this here for reference, and to add a touch of…


Hypixel skyblock and housing builds

Skyblock personal island Housing – peaceful city Housing – city parkour Housing – traditional PvP


100×100 Minecraft micro city build!

Another random creative build, but minimalist. This 100 by 100 block micro city offers everything for the urban explorer. From roads to buildings of all shapes and sizes, solar farms,…