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My creative building flatworld showcase

A building portfolio of sorts showing my raw unedited work. These are my two old creative flatworlds, one for creative building and storage, and the other more for experimentation (note…

architecture title poster

WEEKLY NEWSLETTER – Architecture & Animation

Most realistic city 1: Greenfield Definitely the single largest Minecraft city size-wise! This sprawling map started in 2011 and is still being worked on today by a large team of…

simcity recreated in minecraft

Creator highlight: GNwork team (SimCity in Minecraft!)

COVER IMAGE: GNwork on Planet Minecraft This creative building team have recreated literally tens of huge American and Chinese cities. Yet, many of their projects stay underrated with only a…

modern cyberpunk city build

Modern cyberpunk city [showcase + timelapse]

This small slice of a futuristic, cyberpunk megacity was built for the 2048 Planet Minecraft contest in 2019. It features 3 towers surrounded by messy wires, pipes, walkways and bridges….

minecraft post apocalyptic city

Build highlight: The Survival Games 2 city

This epic post apocalyptic city is found all over the web as a “stock” image, and doesn’t fail to impress. I could not find the original creator, however I’ll attach…

minecraft living room and pool

Modern home interior [quick build #1]

A small build done in 30 minutes or so. Modern living room and kitchen combined. Furnished with cupboards and a bar, a sofa and fireplace, and a pool table on…

PS3 mini games — tumble Christmas map

This is a quick look at the limited time CHRISTMAS MAP on the Minecraft PS3 tumble mini game! I’m leaving this here for reference, and to add a touch of…


Hypixel skyblock and housing builds

Skyblock personal island Cosy island with the spawn and portals above, and minion farms near the bottom of the world. /visit auocado Housing – peaceful city Small peaceful village with…


100×100 Minecraft micro city! [download]

Build download 1.12+ FULL WORLD DOWNLOAD https://www.dropbox.com/s/9dkyy4opt839oh1/world3.zip?dl=0 OR WORLD EDIT SCHEMATIC https://www.dropbox.com/s/13wwyzy2gj3k9ru/microcity.schematic?dl=0 Micro city build Another random creative build, but now on a micro scale! This 100 by 100 block…


Build highlight: Heliopolis city

https://www.planetminecraft.com/project/heliopolis-city-mega-project/ A solo project of epic proportions, this is the city of Heliopolis! In the works since 2012, this is a personal project of an unknown italian builder. And while…


Build highlight: Sayama City

https://www.planetminecraft.com/project/sayama-city–japanese-modern-city-world-/ It’s not hard to see why this build was featured! This “japanese modern city world” has been in the making for nearly a year by a dedicated team of…


TINY TOWER in Minecraft [download]

Build download 1.12+ SCHEMATIC FILE https://www.dropbox.com/s/cb858w86q5ddqba/tinytower.schematic?dl=0 HOW TO USE SCHEMATICS https://madelinemiller.dev/blog/use-schematics-worldedit/ Tiny Tower build I’m back with another replica build, and this time it is a fictional one. So without…


The Interlace inspired APTS COMPLEX in Minecraft

This is a quick experiment of mine. An apartment complex made from stacked blocks (made from even smaller Minecraft blocks!), inspired by the Interlace by architect Ole Scheeren. The post…


WORLD EDIT poly selection tutorial for easier building

Poly selection //sel poly – Select a 2D polygon with height A polygon is a flat shape with any number of straight sides. The above command allows you to select…

minecraft console large airport map

Creative building on console

Open images in new tab for large size. These days most builders opt for the power of tools like World Edit and World Painter to mass-produce impressive structures. And while…


Portfolio of realistic building

Open images in new tab for large size. This is a gallery of various projects I’ve built over these past years! The theme is mostly realistic sci fi and modern….