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patreon build collage poster

πŸ“Œ|πŸ“’ MegaMinerDL Portfolio + Patreon | Modern realistic city buildings & cars

Click an image to open HD (in new tab) Hi. I make replicas and concept architecture. This is an up-to-date portfolio of my builds 2019-2023 in no particular order. They…

portfolio cover spiral dreams

MegaMinerDL Build Portfolio 2022 (Outdated)

Click to open images in new tab in full size. Outdated portfolio – new one in pinned post on blog. Important! Portfolio part 2 In-depth individual posts Building portfolio 2022

spiral dreams skyscraper clean

Spiral Dreams skyscraper 2.0 – OLD BUILD REMAKE 2017 vs 2022

Sometime in 2017 I’ve built a small circular skyscraper with green terracotta and blue glass, a spiral design, and a car park out front. It was small and cute. Now…

My creative building flatworld showcase

A building portfolio of sorts showing my raw unedited work. These are my two old creative flatworlds, one for creative building and storage, and the other more for experimentation (note…


100×100 Minecraft micro city build!

Another random creative build, but minimalist. This 100 by 100 block micro city offers everything for the urban explorer. From roads to buildings of all shapes and sizes, solar farms,…


Build highlight: Sayama City

https://www.planetminecraft.com/project/sayama-city–japanese-modern-city-world-/ It’s not hard to see why this build was featured! This “japanese modern city world” has been in the making for nearly a year by a dedicated team of…


Skyscraper, roads and other stuff

Moving on from the Norwich Project, something different will be posted soon! Behind the scenes road building, a planned skyscraper, etc. I also aim to publish a World Edit tutorial…


Planned road building post

Some tutorial or overview of road building and more is planned. This post is a place holder. Image in the thumbnail (moved here) shows an airport map built by hand…


Spiral Dreams skyscraper – logic defying build?

First blog, first post, and first building! Yep, it’s a skyscraper! And here we’re not talking about another tall glass box, or any other box in fact – this one…