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minecraft console large airport map

Creative building on console

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These days most builders opt for the power of tools like World Edit and World Painter to mass-produce impressive structures. And while this is fine, the forgotten act of spending hours refining details by hand stands as ever on the flip side of things! Slow, deliberate, and your only option if you’ve ever played on console.

More on Minecraft’s tools here:

There’s something about building by hand that makes you appreciate the time and effort put into each part of the build. You may be unable to go big without spending weeks on a single build, but the results can be just as impressive. And you have plenty of blocks and options available at the small player scale!

Tools are always useful, of course, for the smallest of jobs. But let my PlayStation 3 building portfolio show you the impressive and imaginary worlds possible by hand (on both creative and survival).

There’s everything from small cities, useable minigame maps and large survival bases. To whole worlds filled with random funky builds from these past few years. The airport at the top of this page is probably the largest single build! I hope you find inspiration 🙂

Console edition builds

More builds:

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