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MINECON MOB VOTES – A look at Minecraft’s Lost Mobs

2017 – THE BARNACLE Image above. The squid-like “Moster of the ocean depths” would suck players down to the ocean depths with its tenticle. This mob vote happened before the…

Minecraft Legends game wallpaper

Minecraft Legends spin-off game announced!

A second Minecraft Dungeons, but different. Releases 2023. At the beginning of June 2022, the Minecraft Legends game has officially been announced by Mojang. With its tagline of “Unite The…

village by AdultsOnlyMinecraft

Minecraft for Windows free for Java players!

Java + Bedrock bundle Minecraft for Windows 10 (Bedrock edition) is now free for players who have Java (PC edition), and vice versa! Mojang promised the gift for the start…

warden mob boss close up

First look at the Warden – Minecraft 1.19 snapshot released

Today (17th Feb 2022) marks the release of the first official snapshot for Minecraft 1.19, AKA the Wild Update! From the Minecraft Wiki, it promises to add ” “scary things” and…


The Minecraft BETA 1.7 experience (classic Minecraft)

I tried the BETA 1.7 version of Minecraft from June 30 2011, which offers only the very basics of the modern game! It was an interesting experience anyone should try,…


November post – farms, spawners, Hypixel and Mojang

November newsletter with random thoughts and findings. May or may not be updated. IMAGES: HYPIXEL Zombie spawner and farm A bit on mob farms (may be extended in a seperate…


Light a nether portal without flint and steel (1.16)

Portal broken and no spare flint and steel? Tough luck, prepare to live out in the nether for the rest of your life. The end. At least you’ll have the…


Some bad Minecraft jokes

I hired a creeper to design my home. Let’s say, the style was very… original. Why didn’t the enderman go to the party? They had drinks on the menu. Why…


Creator highlight: oCd disco_

Highlight of a renowned creator in the Minecraft community! Disco is a former redstone master builder active until late 2014. He had since moved on to other projects, dubbing himself…


My first night in Minecraft

Minecraft, the game everyone was talking about! I was bound to try it eventually. Version 1.7 and my first proper survival world! Let’s say it didn’t exactly go to plan….


Inventory considerations for wandering into the end

Note – this is a brief overview, do your research before a real fight! Armor and sword – only the best will do here! Enchanted diamond is the classic choice….


Minecraft’s major unofficial communities and sites

It’s Mojang’s job to upkeep its list of official Minecraft web sites, but the community has so much beyond that to offer! From forums to chat rooms, wikis, build stores…


Inventory considerations if mining underground

Tools – take a few extra shovels and picks (note, an iron or better pickaxe is required for many ores). An extra sword might be worth bringing too, while a…


Minecraft’s pros of Cons

Did I mistype “pros and cons”? No! Because Minecraft actually has plenty of big Cons, and not in the sense you might think (note the capital letter!) They’re not bad…


Minecraft 1.13 – UPDATE AQUATIC is here!

Finally, the long-awaited update is here, after a record of 10 pre-releases, nearly a year of development and over a year of waiting since 1.12! Minecraft version 1.13, known as…


Friday 13th, the unlucky charm (Herobrine??)

Today is a day portrayed by some as bad, unlucky or even evil… A Friday on the 13th day of the month! There are many theories as to why this…