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closeup of lego texture pack

Turn your world into LEGOS: BrickCraft (Review)

BrickCraft promises to bring back “memories of our childhoods into Minecraft”. And what can I say, it delivers and does so beautifully, so long as your PC can handle the…

Poster of rising kingdom animated video

FALLEN KINGDOM is back after years! (Rising Kingdom and lore)

Previous songs Fallen Kingdom plot summary in one sentence – Premium Minecraft Blog Now… Rising Kingdom – fighting the Warden Rising Kingdom After 6 years, the 5th installment in the…

default texture title with grass tiled

How to find the Default Texture Pack for any Minecraft version

I came across a 7 year old thread on Reddit that still holds up. Two commenters very clearly and concisely explains how to get and use the default textures for…

minecraft museum square with tree

Christmas feature: Skogliv Norsk Minecraft server

The header image shows a beautiful Minecraft recreation of the Trafalgar Square in Westminster, Central London. Not every build must be massive and over-detailed to look beautiful, as demonstrated here….

mobs available in tropicraft

The Tropicraft mod is getting updated! (Review)

Ever wanted to transport yourself into hawaiian paradise in Minecraft? Look no further than Tropicraft, which after years has been updated to the very latest Minecraft versions! With 5 million…

enderman staring at player

Automatic Y=0 enderman farm | pearl dispenser | other item filter

This is an old design I created on my own, for a simple redstone machine to add to your enderman XP farm. The machine will YEET pearls into the void…

small modern hillside base build

How to improve your Minecraft starter base

The architecture of your first Minecraft base is… probably not much. A dirt and wood hut thrown together in the last minute before sundown. A dug-out hole in the mountainside….

realistic blocky creeper artwork

Minecraft is – A horror game (A look at realistic fan art)

(This post doesn’t directly contain any images.) You spawn. Alone. In a world where everything is trying to kill you. The mobs take every opportunity to attack. The daily grind…

creeper mob in ocean

Minecraft is – Impossible (Without friends and internet)

I imagine some people in the ancient days of Minecraft opened up the game, didn’t know what to do and emailed notch… Because unlike Minecraft: Story Mode, normal Minecraft has…

minecon 2022 banner frogs

Talking of Minecraft Mob votes… [Minecraft Live 2022]

Minecraft Live AKA MineCon returns in a week alongside a brand new mob vote! The livestream will begin on October 15th at noon, 12 EDT time. Mob overview below. From…


MINECON MOB VOTES – A look at Minecraft’s Lost Mobs

2017 – THE BARNACLE Image above. The squid-like “Moster of the ocean depths” would suck players down to the ocean depths with its tenticle. This mob vote happened before the…

Minecraft Legends game wallpaper

Minecraft Legends spin-off game announced!

A second Minecraft Dungeons, but different. Releases 2023. At the beginning of June 2022, the Minecraft Legends game has officially been announced by Mojang. With its tagline of “Unite The…

village by AdultsOnlyMinecraft

Minecraft for Windows free for Java players!

Java + Bedrock bundle Minecraft for Windows 10 (Bedrock edition) is now free for players who have Java (PC edition), and vice versa! Mojang promised the gift for the start…

warden mob boss close up

First look at the Warden – Minecraft 1.19 snapshot [outdated]

Today (17th Feb 2022) marks the release of the first official snapshot for Minecraft 1.19, AKA the Wild Update! From the Minecraft Wiki, it promises to add ” “scary things” and…


The Minecraft BETA 1.7 experience (classic Minecraft)

I tried the BETA 1.7 version of Minecraft from June 30 2011, which offers only the very basics of the modern game! It was an interesting experience anyone should try,…