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Poster of rising kingdom animated video

FALLEN KINGDOM is back after years! (Rising Kingdom and lore)

Previous songs

Fallen Kingdom plot summary in one sentence – Premium Minecraft Blog

  • Fallen Kingdom – fighting the mobs
  • Take Back The Night – fighting Herobrine
  • Find The Pieces – fighting the Wither
  • Dragonhearted – fighting the Nether

Now… Rising Kingdom – fighting the Warden

Rising Kingdom

After 6 years, the 5th installment in the Fallen Kingdom series is back with beautiful animation and a different musical style. The music is original with vocals by TryHardNinja and was released 3 weeks ago.

Music video: The intro shows clips and memories of the previous videos – we are going back in time. We see a young King arrive by horse at Herobrines castle, having followed a map and seeking a magical staff. He defeats magma guards – a nod to the massive magma monster in Take Back The Night, who is likely a king of this race.

The King goes deeper in and activates a trap, falling down into a cage in a lava arena. There are Warden themed tentacles there, which he escapes. A classic mob fight in a trap-ridden corridor follows. The Prince defeats the last mobs through a creeper explosion – a nod to the Fallen Kingdom video where a creeper explosion separated the older King from his family.

Prince arrives at a library room and awakes two gorilla-like Wardens who easily overpower him. The Wardens in the video get the special ability to shoot beams of power from their beating chest. He manages to evade them and grab the magical staff. It tames one Warden and makes it fight the other. The fight ends in both Wardens shooting beams at each other, presumably destroying themselves.

The tired King leaves on horseback with the magical staff. He comes back to the lush mountain where his future kingdom will stand – there is no castle yet, only some simple houses.

The scene zooms out, and we glimpse the back of a caped Steve figure watching from another mountain, holding a diamond pickaxe – Herobrine.

Marketplace map

An official map of the Fallen Kingdom universe was released to the bedrock marketplace. As per CaptainSparklez, it is set in a parallel universe before and during the events of the latest song.

Official map teaser trailer: Fallen Kingdom Minecraft Map Trailer – YouTube

CaptainSparkles 2-hour playthrough: Fallen Kingdom Minecraft Adventure – YouTube

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