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minecraft museum square with tree

Christmas feature: Skogliv Norsk Minecraft server

The header image shows a beautiful Minecraft recreation of the Trafalgar Square in Westminster, Central London. Not every build must be massive and over-detailed to look beautiful, as demonstrated here. The building is the National Gallery, London. The tree is the Trafalgar Square Christmas Tree, a gift from Norway to Britain as gratitude for help during the WW2.

The Skolgliv server is the largest community based in Norway, founded by 3 people and running the latest Minecraft version. They are a Microsoft partner and create educational maps for the marketplace. The Christmas Tree on the server was part of a Christmas meet-up in 2021, with in-game chat, celebrations and mini-games. I’m unsure whether the event is getting repeated this year (2022).

The Skogliv website is below. As always, during 24-46th December Minecraft’s chests turn into presents. MERRY XMAS X HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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