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enderman staring at player

Automatic enderman farm & pearl dispenser & item filter

This is an old design I created on my own, for a simple redstone machine to add to your enderman XP farm. The machine will YEET pearls into the void but filter out things like swords. So if you were to accidentally throw in your sword, it would get placed into a chest at the back. I created this because my XP farm was producing way too many pearls for my needs. I’m posting this for archival purposes, however note that this farm will clog up and break with a massive amount of pearls in a short period of time.


What you need (see first image):

  • 13 redstone
  • 3 repeaters
  • 3 comparators
  • 29 hoppers
  • 3 observers
  • 5 redstone torches
  • 7 dispensers
  • 4 any blocks renamed to “FILTER”
  • 22 any building block

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