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Gallery Review: Exploring 15th Anniversary map

Check out some pics from Minecraft’s 15th Year Journey BDAY MAP! I recently explored it myself, and it’s simple: Make sure you have MC Bedrock installed, then open up Marketplace, search for “15 Year Journey” and get it for free (you should see a “create world” button appear right after).

The map was created by Oreville Studios on behalf of Minecraft. It is nothing short of well-made, detailed and highly stylized like the trailers! There is an impressive sense of scale and awe throughout as you walk from room to room.

It takes you on an immersive and fun journey through the history of the game… There are plenty of animated NPCs and interactions (and birthday decorations), a few minigames like elytra flight, and display cases and rooms showing the best mobs, biomes, game updates and milestones.

(I got way too many free item tags from an anvil that for some reason gave me them all.)


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