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PewDiePie revives Minecraft AGAIN

He’s gonna do it… And you can’t stop him. After 4 years, the king of YouTube is back to his roots with Episode 1 of a brand new let’s play series. A welcome surprise – We are so back! Filled with nostalgia and dementia, watch PewDiePie navigate modern Minecraft here:

EP 1: I’ll play Minecraft Again… (MAYBE) (


EP 2: I BROKE the Golden RULE in Minecraft… (

EP 3: Minecraft is a horror game now , you cant deny this (

See an overview of various 1.21 features on the OMGcraft – Minecraft Tips & Tutorials! – YouTube

2019 Revival (Backstory)

In 2019, PewDiePie helped rekindle interest in the game with a 49 Episode survival series and a bunch of spin-off videos like songs and challenges. Later in 2020, he hosted a further 8 Episode Hardcore series.

“In 2019, the game saw a small resurgence. Seeing it as a good opportunity to use the traffic for his channel’s gain, PewDiePie uploaded the first episode of his Minecraft series…every episode of the series received 10-15 million views on average. The community of Minecraft suddenly became very active as Pewds frequently gave shoutouts to the Minecraft creators that he followed to learn more about the game.” [SOURCE: ESSENTIALLYSPORTS]

(The title is semi-ironic. Big news!)

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