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End of October: Spooky Launcher, Halloween 2023 & Voter Capes

JUST IN: The CHERRY BLOSSOM cape is being released to users who voted in the 2023 Mob Vote!

In other news, on Halloween/All Saints Day:

It has become a recurring custom for the Launcher to get small changes during major holidays. This year, it has just been updated with a toggle-able “spooky mode” that adds a single flying Ghast. He’ll fly thru on repeat, make spooky sounds and do actions like firing a fireball every few seconds. A bit of fun!

End of October, start of November – Have a favorable celebration as we remember the lives of the deceased! Other Minecraft changes on Halloween will include the standard “oOoOOo Spooky” splash text and the chance for hostile mobs to spawn with a pumpkin head.🎃

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