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WEEKLY NEWSLETTER – 1.21, mods, models and sites

Lots is happening and lots is planned in official Minecraft announcements. Also, see some community mods, past game versions, Blender models and more random links and tips!

Official news: 1.21

Official news segment. You probably saw this already: Breeze, bogged, trial chambers, maces, crafter..!

But seriously, Minecraft Experience seems to be the closest thing we have to a return of physical Minecons.


OppenMiner Dev v.0

Ever wanted to see trench warfare, landmines inter-continental missiles and nukes with explosion physics in the game? This player has you covered! Coming sometimes in the future, check out their progress:

How old is X version?

Dive into the history of Minecraft updates with two joke websites, and one detailed, serious website.

SimCity to Minecraft

These converters turn the buildings on your SimCity map save into a Minecraft build, pretty neat!

360 render hotel blender frames

Blender and Minecraft

Render your build: Blender 2.80 Tutorials – YouTube & Minecraft 360° GIF Render Tutorial | MegRae

Blender your mob: Secrets to Creating a Minecraft Character in Blender 3D! (

Blender your Minecraft: BlockBlender 1.41 – Convert anything to Minecraft blocks (

Minecraft your Blender (PAID): BlockBlender to Minecraft .schem (

Build shapier shapes

Struggle with building shapes or visualizing World Edit selections? See here:

And don’t forget the builder’s special, Arceon Mod (paid) and Axiom Mod (paid for commercial).

Build highlight: History

Check and download this massive passion project spanning years in the making. 2012-2016: Empirepolis!

Also check out this build by sebyweby75 from the Cubed Community server! Anything can be inspiration:

turntable mansion minecraft discord

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