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HOW-TO: Basic steps of making a Texture Pack [2 minute Video]

Short post since there’s a video to explain it all: I recently got inspired by Kane Pixel’s “The Oldest View”. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to re-create the Rolling Giant as the Rolling Wither, with it’s two side heads serving as silly hands. (Trust me, the real life Rolling Giant was a wholesome artwork.)

DOWNLOAD PACK (Planet Minecraft)

Long story short, I made a tutorial that quickly shows:

  • How to get the default vanilla texture pack from any MC version
  • How to swap out the textures you need to make your own pack

The video somehow manages to merge my Giant pack showcase into the mix! A 2 minutes well spent if that’s something you fancy. Much easier to follow than the previous entirely text-based 2022 guide.

Also see on Bedrock: GitHub – Brennian/BedrockTexturesTemplate: Template used for checking textures for bedrock.



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