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mobs available in tropicraft

The Tropicraft mod is getting updated! (Review)

Ever wanted to transport yourself into hawaiian paradise in Minecraft? Look no further than Tropicraft, which after years has been updated to the very latest Minecraft versions! With 5 million downloads, you may have already seen or played with this unique mod.

With Tropicraft enabled, you start in the Overworld as normal, but get the ability to collect unique ingredients for a Pina Colada and drink it in your newely crafted beach chair at sunset… Once in paradise, you’ll find new biomes, a new type of village and NPCs, tropical-themed decorations, aquariums, totems, palm trees, tropical animals… To not restate things – the mods website gives the best overview:

“Dating back to 2011, Tropicraft stands as one of the longest-running mods of the game, and is one of the original dimension-adding mods for Minecraft.

Inspired by a vacation to the lush tropical island of Puerto Rico, the mod’s creator, Cojo, and his team, have created an idyllic, charming paradise in which to dream, explore, and let your creativity run free. With native islanders, volcanoes, and a plethora of tropical fauna and flora, the tropics contain everything necessary for an imaginative and restful escape from the doldrums of Vanilla.”

palm trees beach tropicraft

I remember playing with this mod years ago and being blown away – the new tropical dimension was beautiful, the modified NPCs a welcome twist on normal villagers, and the many unique blocks, mobs and decorations perfectly tying together the whole theme. From what I can see, Tropicraft is looking just as good nowadays, with support for the newest versions of Minecraft and some new features.

tropical village biome in mod

PitchBlack’s Tropicraft

A nostalgic let’s play series that has stayed with me is the modded Tropicraft series by PitchBlack (with commentary in polish). There are 3 seasons – the first is him playing vanilla survival in the Tropicraft dimension, exploring the mods features and giving tips. In seasons 2 and 3 he uses creative mode and various mods like Tropicraft, tiny blocks and more to build realistic tropical resorts, vehicles, hangars.

UPDATE: Oct 2023 video exploring the mod Exploring Minecraft’s Most Forgotten Mod. – YouTube

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