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Playing Minecraft in real life

Can you play Minecraft in real life? Maybe, using advanced technology or doing the complete opposite – and going out into the wild to survive in real life.. Here are some random Minecraft_IRL ideas for you.

Minecraft Earth

This was an “augmented reality” game – merging technology into reality. You could point your phone camera at your table, garden or anywhere else and the real world would be “overlaid” with the Minecraft inventory, blocks and mobs. Minecraft Earth was discontinued due to issues like the pandemic, but it was an interesting concept. Also, why is there a pig in the HOTBAR on the bottom right in the picture below?!

mc earth augmented reality

Primitive Technology

Want the true, authentic Minecraft in real life experience? The solution is simple – stop reading this post, turn off the screen, pack up some essentials and jump into a bush! But if you don’t fancy that, you can watch “Primitive Technology” on YouTube. The man showcases his primitive hut-building, fire-building, brick-making and more. He records all steps and is the original and authentic primitive channel.

Virtual Reality

Instead of bringing Minecraft into reality, you can place yourself in the game through VR. Minecraft is available to buy for virtual reality headsets “Oculus” and “Windows Mixed Reality”. Never done it myself…

Video Editing

I love the “Minecraft In Real Life” video by FilmDice, which puts you in the shoes of steve, in reality. “Steve comes across a strange glitch and the MOBS aren’t burning in the day! He has one choice, kill the zombies!”

LEGO Minecraft

Another way to experience Minecraft in real life is to build it yourself out of LEGO bricks. New brick sets are being released every year, ranging from minifigures to whole mineshafts. But that, of course, is expensive and not the best way to play Minecraft in real life unless your imagination is wild!

Literal Minecraft_IRL

Lastly, some people take things literally when it comes to real life Minecraft. That means building life-size chests and beds from wood, wiring up electrical torches, or decorating a full glass pane window:

minecraft window glass pane in real life

Or, putting together creative roleplay videos that combine real life Minecraft-ish locations and costumes with Minecraft UI overlays. And don’t forget the holding-your-hand-out thing! Example by Blister Cinema:

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