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Minecraft Legends game wallpaper

Minecraft Legends new info and release date!

Since a few days ago, when you first enter the Minecraft launcher, two Allays will spin around the loading icon. They will disappear into the Minecraft Legends tab on the…

four lost minecraft dimensions

An in-depth look at Minecrafts LOST DIMENSIONS

Sky Dimension The sky dimension was an early planned heavenly dimension, the opposite of the Nether. In Indev, there was a map type that generated floating islands, but the dimension…

minecraft mining company

Minecraft now owns the Minecraft.Com domain

Minecraft.Net is the original Minecraft website. Going to Minecraft.Com would always take you to the website of the “MineCraft Consulting” Australian mining solutions company – but that is no more….

Minecraft Legends game wallpaper

Minecraft Legends spin-off game announced!

A second Minecraft Dungeons, but different. Releases 2023. At the beginning of June 2022, the Minecraft Legends game has officially been announced by Mojang. With its tagline of “Unite The…