Commercialization of the game


Some of my chaotic thoughts on Minecraft, and how the game has been changing. In 2014 Minecraft was bought up by Microsoft for a solid 2.5 billion dollars, and its price had climbed steadily for years. Over priced merch has been building up. Even the LEGO sets are illegal! I’m only half joking:

The web site and launcher had seen extreme changes, with Dungeons, DLCs and releases being pushed to the front. The blog is way off the front page, and centered on the company. Minecraft Earth is retiring, while Windows 10 and the Windows 10 edition of Minecraft are pushed on by the corporation.

The game’s accounts them selves are being merged with the XBOX and Microsoft eco system, while new versions of the game are getting more and more ambitious, over crowded and… far from the source. You’re even faced with a warning pop-up when trying older game versions or servers (the first time at least).

The simple adventure in a blocky world. The global phenomenon it had become. Perhaps it is simply nostalgia. It must be. There have been ups and downs, and the aquisition of Minecraft was an important step for Notch and the community. A necessary one. We’ll see what the future holds. And if anything, the game’s historical versions sit idly in the launcher, awaiting exploration. Rant over, and out.

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