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Minecraft now owns the Minecraft.Com domain

Minecraft.Net is the original Minecraft website. Going to Minecraft.Com would always take you to the website of the “MineCraft Consulting” Australian mining solutions company – but that is no more.

Sometime through 2022, the Minecraft.Com domain was bought out by Minecraft, with the help of Microsofts money no less. The deal wasn’t publicized but must have cost a fortune considering the high status of Minecraft. Now players can choose between typing out Minecraft.Net or Minecraft.Com to go to the official website about the game.

The “MineCraft Consulting” company moved its website to Minecraft.Com.Au

“Looking at the domain whois data, the domain was created back in 2003, so it is definitely older than Mojang’s Minecraft. I doubt there is any trademark issue, since those trademarks are almost certainly assigned to different classification categories and they probably don’t have any risk of confusion between uses of the two trademarks.” – sunperp

“The full name of the company is “Minecraft Consulting PTY LTD”. The company is registered as an LTD, and this Minecraft is owned by Mojang. So if they were to sue for a trademark violation, well, they really couldn’t I suppose. Here’s the company’s registration ACN if anyone wants to do further research, ACN 064 974 965″ -Maciner

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