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The Mineplex situation is crazy (+ Hytale)

I definitely forgot about Mineplex ever since it’s abrupt shutdown on May 11, 2023. Turns out, Mineplex: Electric Boogaloo (The Return) has been in the works for months with some announcements! In short…

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Mineplex Studios

On May 27, 2023, former Mineplex admin, Overwatch player and internet personality Samito has “acquired 100% of Mineplex”, as confirmed by official Mineplex accounts. (Samito – YouTube & Goodbye)

Samito on X: “As of today I have acquired 100% of @Mineplex and am fully committed to bringing the passion that changed the lives of tens of millions of players around the world. I’ve got no further information at this point, but I’m very excited to bring the heat for you guys. MUCH LOVE!” / X (

Mineplex has since rebranded into Mineplex Studios with new leadership and branding. They plan to re-release (pushed back from 2023 to 2024) as a more web-3 type virtual experience. Think Roblox creator studio, but in Minecraft! Mineplex will be offering paid subscriptions to allow minigame makers to build, develop and host their own games as part of the Mineplex ecosystem, alongside a main Mineplex server revival.

All this is getting attention and anticipation. We’ll see what the server becomes and whether it can come back from years of decline in popularity. More comments: The Future of Mineplex (


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hytale village castle boy

In my own words, Hytale has been overhyped. However, it seems that the back-end is being tirelessly worked on to deliver on its promises, and we are getting front-end screenshots of new game characters and locations. A lot of concept art too. The project is run by Hypixel Studios and I hope to see it succeed!

We already had the Hytale – Announcement Trailer 5 years ago. Then again, Cyberpunk2077 took 8+ years to go from Reveal trailer to final release. But maybe that’s not the best comparison to make…

Most of Hytale’s dev logs are filled with generic phrases like these below – we aren’t getting no spoilers!

  • “integrate the latest breakthroughs”,
  • “needs of creators are always on our mind”,
  • “improve our development processes”,
  • “tools and content necessary for players to tell their own stories”.

Hytale / Media – Hytale

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