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Minecraft Legends game wallpaper

Minecraft Legends new info and release date!

Since a few days ago, when you first enter the Minecraft launcher, two Allays will spin around the loading icon. They will disappear into the Minecraft Legends tab on the left. Going there makes the Allays hover on an empty blue button, and the text PRE-ORDER will appear. That’s an advertising budget for you.

Minecraft Legends is an upcoming adventure spin-off game based off Minecraft. The Minecraft launcher tab for the game contains up-to-date official articles. You can also find more info in my previous post: Minecraft Legends spin-off game announced! – Premium Minecraft Blog

New announcements

  1. The game will be released on April 18. Pre-orders are open as of halfway through January.
  2. There’s a new short trailer showing the finished game. The Piglin army attacks the Overworld. The player must unite with mobs and fight back. Minecraft Legends: Official Gameplay Trailer – YouTube
  3. Once again, an important structure seen in the trailers is the cube beacon monument. I would assume that the player will be tasked with taking over this powerful “checkpoint”.
  4. There is also a Piglin kingdom in the Nether, with another important landmark, the Nether portal.
  5. The game will have a co-op mode, named PUBLIC VERSUS MODE with 2 teams of 4.
  6. The trailer shows a castle timelapse being “built”, but it is unknown if the game will have any building or environment destruction.
  7. Platforms: Minecraft Legends is coming to Steam & Windows (PC), XBOX & PS (console) and Nintendo Switch.

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