Minecraft Live 2022 quick recap

minecon 2022 banner frogs
  • Around half a million players watched the show LIVE on October 15th 2022
  • MINECRAFT LEGENDS – official intro trailer and first look at the gameplay. The environment looks beautiful and magical. The mobs are cuter versions of Minecraft mobs and there are some new golems. New mechanics include a flag that tells mobs to follow you, speed-boosting grass, high-jump pad and allays that collect stuff for you and leave treasure chests in the world. And every mob is friendly and united against the nether – that means friendly creepers!
  • Minecraft Legends spin-off game announced! – Premium Minecraft Blog
  • MINECRAFT DUNGEONS – look at upcoming features, including multiplayer or co-op mode!
  • NEXT MINECRAFT UPDATE – this will be 1.20 and is currently unnamed. So unfortunately, there is no Minecraft 2.0 and we’re slowly on our way to Minecraft 1.100! Snapshots of the upcoming update will be available in just a few days time.
  • Upcoming features are bamboo blocks (including variations like stairs), bamboo rafts, “chiseled bookshelves” you can interact with (place books and enchanted books on them, create a redstone signal, etc), hanging signs, camels, and multiple new default skins from different races. The update focuses on inclusivity and creativity.
  • MOB VOTE – as expected, the Sniffer will be developed and added into the game. The hide-and-seek cave-loving Rascal came second, and the “walking item frame” Tuff Golem was voted out first.
  • Talking of Minecraft Mob votes… [Minecraft Live 2022] – Premium Minecraft Blog

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