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Minecraft Legends game wallpaper

Minecraft Legends spin-off game announced!

A second Minecraft Dungeons, but different. Releases 2023. At the beginning of June 2022, the Minecraft Legends game has officially been announced by Mojang. With its tagline of “Unite The Overworld”, this game surely means bussiness! Minecraft Legends will be an action strategy game, and will include modified versions of well known and loved Minecraft’s mobs, including baby piglin, the Allay, skeletons, zombies, creepers, as well as various never seen before golems and bosses.

The concent sounds great, and the immersive environment shown in the trailer and official artwork looks even better! The game is shown to have a cartoon-y or cel-shaded style and stays true to Minecraft, while adding many new blocks and models. Mojang teamed up with BlackBird Interactive to create the game and release it for all consoles and PC. There are also official artwork wallpapers available for desktop and mobile here:

Minecraft legends HD gameplay

Official website

Minecraft Legends | Minecraft

“Discover the mysteries of Minecraft Legends, a new action strategy game. Lead your allies in heroic battles to defend the Overworld from the destructive piglins.”

“Explore a familiar yet mysterious land, full of diverse life, lush biomes, and rich resources. But this paradise is on the brink of destruction. The piglins have arrived—and they’re threatening to corrupt the Overworld.”

“Inspire unexpected friends to form valuable alliances and lead them in strategic battles to protect their home. Take the fight to the piglins before their Nether corruption devours the Overworld!”

Official announcement

Minecraft Legends | Minecraft

“Minecraft Legends is a unique action strategy game. It has strategy elements at its core, but its mechanics are inspired by the immersion of action games. You get to explore the familiar yet in-many-ways-new Overworld in a third-person perspective. You will defend peaceful settlements and fight hordes of piglins to stop the spread of their Nether corruption. You are the center of every battle you lead, fighting alongside your allies while giving them directions. “

Official trailer

Minecraft Legends – Announce Trailer – YouTube


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