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Builders Refuge server closed buildings cover

Server of the Month⭐ – Builder’s Refuge: Builder haven now on 1.20

Builder’s Refuge is a tool more than a server – they offer free plots, full worlds, paid plugin tools and more to every Minecraft builder and commission maker. And while the in-game chat can get pretty dead as everyone focuses on their work, the Discord server is a beautiful community for every MC builder.

The server is undergoing an update and migration. Since I’m part of that building community and since I’ve lost too many builds in the distant past, I’m making this short post to clear up any confusion. Your builds are safe – I encourage you to check out the Builder’s Refuge community or donate to their cause!

New-joins get basic World Edit and plot world access. If you make a good build on your plot or show an existing portfolio on Discord, you get promoted to member. This gives you full access to private worlds, plugins like Arceon, and more. There’s way more than that – this is my attempted summary.

creative flatworld aerial side view 3

BR 1.16


The 1.16 version of Builder’s Refuge shuts down tomorrow (19th Nov). Don’t worry, all worlds and plots are automatically migrated to the 1.20 server as part of the merge. Now, builders can choose between the 1.12 and 1.20 server as per their needs. Specifically, builds on 1.12 have limited blocks but are forwards compatible. Builds on 1.20 won’t be backwards compatible unless you are careful about the blocks you use.

BR 1.12


This server is the original, popular version and STAYING OPEN. More info from one of the owners:

[source: mikedmd , discord #support-120]
1.12 server will stay as long as its useful or it poses such a security risk it's not worth maintaining.

But most plugin devs have long abandoned 1.12
FAWE devs will refuse to answer any questions you tell them it's about 1.12

Fortunately we have a resident genius
Scarsz customized the 1.12 fawe to use our host so you can still use height brush or //image in 1.12

But outside of minor stuff like that, it [the 1.12 server] doesn't get updated.

BR 1.20


Builder’s Refuge is moving up the versions to welcome 1.20 builders. This server works exactly the same and has recently left BETA. There are known bugs – all announcements and support is in the Discord.

side aerial dynmap flatworld view


On a related footnote, Cubed Community has not been mentioned on this blog since 2017. In that time, they managed to shut themselves down for multiple YEARS for much needed upgrades, and come back stronger than ever! Their focus is the city of Andea, and their complex ultra-realistic texture pack makes it impossible to leave their 1.14 version without long planned work.

Builder’s Refuge, Cubed and World of Keralis make up my personal “big three” list of creative servers.


The Server of the Month series on the blog – Rest in comedic peace, 20172018! Original introduction:

Every month I’ll be nominating a server for the ‘Server of the Month’ award to show you guys some of the best servers out there!


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