ARCEON PLUGIN overview of features (Review)

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This is a PAID mod, but you can use it free on the Builder’s Refuge server! In short, the Arceon mod adds a ton of very good features for the professional Minecraft builder, map maker, commission maker. Use it alongside World Edit and other plugins for efficient building.

The commands (many with picture examples) are available on the official Arceon wiki (some will be missing as the mod supports 1.19 with some new features): Home · Brennian/Arceon-1.14 Wiki · GitHub

Some features I use

//Rope – allows you to create a rope. It’s like the World Edit //line command but with gravity. The result is satisfactory. You can add optional rope width and use slabs to make a smooth bridge.

//Arch – instantly creates a huge variety of arched bridges/aqueducts. You can modify pillar size, spacing, height and amount of the arches, or combine the whole thing with //sel mode for a curving bridge.

//Resize – can be used to scale down (e.g. 0.9) or scale up (e.g. 3) your selection. It’s glitchy but does the job.

//Loft – tool for making easy organics and curves (terrain, cloth, architecture)! I covered the loft tool in a seperate post here: The LOFT TOOL is epic! (Building easy organics) – Premium Minecraft Blog

//Road – Use with //sel convex to create a curving road (including going smoothly up/down with slabs). You can specify the width and max height, as well as make the road stack itself down to ground level.

//Fixconnect – sometimes when placing many walls, fences or glass panes with commands, they will glitch and not connect or connect in weird ways. Fixconnect takes care of that in your selected area.

//Typereplace – automatically replaces the type of block (e.g. wood or bricks) in your selection through a handy menu! For example, it turns quartz into spruce, or spruce into oak. Works for all fences, slabs etc.

//Text generates your specified text in a specified //font! As in, it physically builds the text within your selection (and supports slabs).

  • Other interesting features I haven’t used much:
  • //Roof tool generates triangular roofs, curving roofs
  • //Spike tool makes organic spike shapes (warning: sharp)
  • //Revolve is an advanced version of World Edits //rotate
  • //Shadow tool creates a physical shadow of your build!

Certain commands support arguments, e.g. -a to affect air or -n to add noise.

Builder’s refuge (free Arceon)

Check the Builder’s Refuge server (supporting 1.12 – 1.16+ as of January 2023) and apply for builder. By showing your previous work and becoming a “builder” you can access full commands and create/upload your very own worlds to build and store your projects. You will get access to Arceon commands.

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