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Screenshot modern seaside buildings

ModernCraft marketplace project – Realism builds gallery

ModernCraft is a marketplace project with multiple builders making a coastal city. There are multiple districts in different styles, and I am in charge of the modern district. The specific…

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Quick mid-monthly post (images and ideas)

Tiny render distance SURVIVAL CHALLENGE: try and survive in Minecraft on a tiny render distance of 2 chunks! Incredible inconvenient – you’ll easily miss a sheep, village or creeper that’s…

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Build highlight: Sayama City

It’s not hard to see why this build was featured! This “japanese modern city world” has been in the making for nearly a year by a dedicated team of unknown…

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minecraft console large airport map

Creative building on console

Open images in new tab for large size. These days most builders opt for the power of tools like World Edit and World Painter to mass-produce impressive structures. And while…

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Portfolio of realistic building (2021) (Outdated)

Click to open images in new tab in full size. Outdated portfolio – new one in pinned post on blog. This is a gallery of various projects I’ve built over…

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Planned road building post

Some tutorial or overview of road building and more is planned. This post is a place holder. Image in the thumbnail (moved here) shows an airport map built by hand…

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