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WEEKLY NEWSLETTER – Architecture & Animation

Most realistic city 1: Greenfield Definitely the single largest Minecraft city size-wise! This sprawling map started in 2011 and is still being worked on today by a large team of…

Real life complex graffiti art

Dump of random inspiration and things I want to build

W. Disney Concert Hall walt disney concert los angeles in progress Minecraft Map (planetminecraft.com) Raffles City Chongqing Safdie Architects Guggenheim Bilbao The Building | Guggenheim Museum Bilbao (guggenheim-bilbao.eus) Taiwanese Twist…

simcity recreated in minecraft

Creator highlight: GNwork team (SimCity in Minecraft!)

COVER IMAGE: GNwork on Planet Minecraft This creative building team have recreated literally tens of huge American and Chinese cities. Yet, many of their projects stay underrated with only a…


Minecraft in real life – buildings and finding inspiration

This post offers some inspiration for city builders from real life buildings that look like Minecraft. These homes are chunky and simple, brutalist, modern, with sharp edges, clean lines and…


Portfolio of realistic building

Open images in new tab for large size. This is a gallery of various projects I’ve built over these past years! The theme is mostly realistic sci fi and modern….


TATLIN TOWER – Minecraft replica of the monument

After two days of building, Vladimir Tatlin’s famous constructivist tower now exists in Minecraft! The near-exact replica uses stone-based blocks, terracotta and extensive use of World Edit. It stands at…