Circular server spawn [quick build #3]

Server spawn dome in Minecraft

Here is something I made a while ago. An experiment to try make a simple server spawn / hub / whatever you wanna call it. It relies on the “hsphere” command from the World Edit plugin to make the shape of the building. I then did a bit of replacing, cutting, copying and pasting, and adding details by hand.

When I had the bare shell of the building done (using the hsphere), I added all interior and exterior details to a quarter of the building and copied, rotated and pasted it so it’s symmetrical on all 4 sides. The floor features random symmetrical line and circle patterns I made in the very beginning as rough guides. And because it looked cool. Materials used: prismarine, dark glass, brick and sandstone.

FUTURE IDEA: Sell this as a schematic on a Minecraft schematic / server marketplace to see what happens? Someone might find it useful for their small server spawn. That’s all.

Spawn exterior

Spawn interior

Night screenshots

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