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top view of minecraft temple room

Lost ancient temple [quick build #2]

The lone survivor stumbles into the ruined temple. Before him, an altar stands lit up by boiling lava. Nature struggles through every crack. Dried blood dots the floor. He stands before a set of levers, ready to pull…

minecraft small temple and altar

Hi, this is another experiment with a 30 minute interior build. A ruined and over grown temple room fit for a survival adventure map (maybe). There are 8 pillars, various statues, beams, platforms, decor. The main light source is lava, however I probably made it too bright considering it’s an abandoned temple. I used stone and brick blocks, and buttons, walls, fences, redstone, carpet and vines for detail. There are also 2 sets of mysterious levers… (that do nothing)

minecraft small temple interior

See the previous post for a modern house interior + quick info on the making process, which was similar for both builds: Modern home interior [quick build #1] – Premium Minecraft Blog

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