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Server spawn dome in Minecraft

Circular server spawn [quick build #3]

Here is something I made a while ago. An experiment to try make a simple server spawn / hub / whatever you wanna call it. It relies on the “hsphere”…

drained ocean monument at night

Drained ocean monument + storage system in survival

After hours of work over several days, I had fully drained an ocean monument, including the inside, and the land around it (100×100 blocks area drained in total). It’s now…

top view of minecraft temple room

Lost ancient temple [quick build #2]

The lone survivor stumbles into the ruined temple. Before him, an altar stands lit up by boiling lava. Nature struggles through every crack. Dried blood dots the floor. He stands…


Hypixel skyblock and housing builds

Skyblock personal island Housing – peaceful city Housing – city parkour Housing – traditional PvP


Work in progress cathedral build PS3

Another small creative project on PS3 Minecraft, in survival mode! Done in the same world as the previous Halloween build. This is a cathedral I am slowly building up layer…


Halloween / All Souls build PS3

Above in the header image is a small Minecraft build for Halloween / All Souls day. On the left is a pixel art pumpkin carved into the hillside, with a…