Scrapyard – sci-fi / post-apoc city [terrain by MinecraftRepro]

scrapyard ft MinecraftRepro

This is a major commission project I worked on. Set within a mountain valley, this modern city is made up of over 20 unique skyscrapers and tower blocks on the banks of a river. Multiple incoherent bridges link up the buildings, large electrical pylons cut through the city, and the whole project aims to keep a messy “scrapyard/scrappunk” aesthetic. Although that last part didn’t stick. Overall, this was a large project done over multiple weeks.

Terrain done by MinecraftRepro

Showcase (open in new tab + zoom in)

scrapyard city showcase screenshots

Making of

This project was a right mess… I created these little bits of stone foundations where the buildings will stand, and added some main bridges/pipes across the river. 90% of the project was making the buildings one by one on the stone foundations. Each building has very basic office-space interiors, and various bits on the roof like AC vents, helipads, lookout towers/radio mast. I added wood bridges inbetween buildings and snaking across the hillsides. I layered the details and redone some bits. Most buildings have a colored strip going around the roofs, to add a bit of connection.

I used World Edit and the Arceon Mod. The Arceon tools were especially important to instantly create the foundations (//loft), the arches (//arch) and the wood bridges (//rope), amongst other things. For anyone interested, the map was built on a self-hosted 1.19 spigot server (server on my local PC).

city making process random photos

City flyover

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