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Minecraft towers with loft tool

The LOFT TOOL is epic! (Building easy organics) [Updated 12/22]

The Arceon Minecraft plugin is a paid set of creative tools developed by Arcaniax. It’s free to use on servers such as Builder’s Refuge. It comes with the Loft Tool – the World Edit for organics! It makes building cloth, organics and smooth curves easy, or rather, smooth like butter. It takes things to another level, and makes normally impossibly complex structures easy to build with a few clicks and commands.

This tool can be used for building terrain, organics (clothes, statues), and has all sorts of uses outside of organic builds, like the skyscrapers I built in the screenshots in this post! AND there are fire particles that visualize the curve for you before you even make it, so you know what you’re doing.

Video tutorial

Selecting points with loft tool
Circular glass tower screenshot

How it works

  1. Hold a piece of paper – this item is used to select points.
  2. You need to select points. Points make a “frame”. You need at least 2 frames to create an organic.
  3. Left click on a block to start a frame. Right click more blocks to add points to the frame.
  4. You need a second frame to create the whole organic structure. Left click another point (or the same starting point as in frame 1), then right click more points on the other side of your organic structure.
  5. When your points are selected, use //Loft Set to create your structure. Commands and examples below!
  6. Note: If you misclick a block when selecting points and click mid-air, the point will appear mid-air. Use //Loft Remove to remove the last point.


//Loft Set <block> – Fills in your frames and creates your structure. For example //Loft Set Sandstone,Dirt

//Loft Set <block> -o – Adding “-o” to the end fills in only the outline of your structure.

//Loft Set <block> <number> – Divides your structure into even parts, and only fills in the strips between each part (so only lines are created). The order and direction you selected your points in matters here.

//Loft Set <block> <number> -o – Combining arguments. Here you’ll get divided lines + an outline.

//Loft Remove – Removes the last point you placed.

//Loft Remove -c – Adding “-c” removes the point closest to you, and not the last one you placed.

//Loft Clear – Clears ALL points. Use this if you messed up your points, and at the end after using //set.

Skyscrapers made with loft tool

Global Mask

PRO TIP – Use the Global Mask command together with the Loft tool. When you do //Gmask <block>, all commands will only affect the block you specified. For example, you can do the following:

  1. Select points
  2. //Loft Set Quartz -o
  3. //Gmask air
  4. //Loft Set Glass
  5. //Gmask

What this does – creates a quartz outline and fills the air inbetween with glass. You can combine this with <number> of parts (quartz lines) to create windows on a building, for example. The last //Gmask disables the Global Mask, so that commands work normally again.

Irregular shapes

The Loft Tool can also be used to fill in irregular shapes, like the half-circular floor or randomly shaped window in the images below. Select your points on one side of the shape (frame 1). Go back and start frame 2 in the same spot as frame 1. Select points on other side of the shape and //Loft Set.

(Open images in new tab for larger size)

(UPDATE) Other parameters

  1. Doing //Loft Set -d {blocks} makes whatever you set stack down to the floor, like in the image below, which could be used for some interesting results.
  2. Doing //Loft Set -p {blocks} makes the selection have sharp edges. (Normally it curves between the points.)
  3. Check the BRENNIAN/ARCEON wiki for all specifics Loft Tool · Brennian/Arceon Wiki · GitHub
loft tool experimenting stacked down

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