WORLD EDIT poly selection tutorial for easier building


Poly selection


//sel poly – Select a 2D polygon with height

A polygon is a flat shape with any number of straight sides. The above command allows you to select a number of points with your world edit //wand to make such a shape, and optionally allows you to add height. This is the perfect solution for making irregular shaped flat areas, or irregular shaped (and impressive) buildings! The selected area can be filled with the //set command, and more.

Below are some example buildings, and the steps I took to make them. It sounds really complex at first, but once you do it, you’ll get it. In short, switch selection mode, select your points and set and stack as needed!

Examples of finished buildings using the commands //sel poly, //set, //walls and //stack.

I recomment getting the World Edit CUI mod for forge when doing more complex selections. It visualizes your selections like in my images below!

Poly buildings

  1. Switch to the poly selection mode by doing the //sel poly command.
  2. Place blocks at the corners of your to-be building. You can add as many as you like to make a more or less complex shape! Make sure one point is somewhere in the air to set the height of your building (use the //up command to easily place a block in the air).
  3. Do //set to fill the shape in, or //walls to fill just the outline. I like to do both – set with dark wool to black out the interiors, then I add walls!
  4. To finish the walls, you can add windows and details to the bottom floor only and “//stack <amount> u” to duplicate that floor all the way up.
  5. The //sel command will clear your current selection, allowing you to select a new polygon somewhere else.
  6. Use “//sel cuboid” to go back to normal world edit selection! One cube, two points, no complex polygons.
Finished buildings from behind, with their complex shapes made easy with set poly.

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