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Screenshot modern seaside buildings

ModernCraft marketplace project – Realism builds gallery

ModernCraft is a marketplace project with multiple builders making a coastal city. There are multiple districts in different styles, and I am in charge of the modern district. The specific buildings I created so far are the small apartment blocks and the mansion in the pictures below. The other talented builders created the pier, yachts, hotel, batcave and other. Join the Discord to follow along and see a full list of builders.

UPDATE: ModernCraft – Moslyn Island Coastal City [V3] Minecraft Map (

This gallery only shows a part of the project. The other district include trad/old town style districts, and the full map will release to marketplace. On a side note: I’ve been trying to not forget to turn on Replay Mod recording – a building timelapse soon on my YT:

YT fake preview apts timelapse



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