The Minecraft Line Project – Dynmaps

Page updatesI will update this page periodically when new progress is visible on the map.
Live dynmapThere is no live dynmap as I use a self-hosted server that goes offline a lot.
Image resolutionThese images are 3k. I have the full 30k images – might share in the future.
Image accuracyThe dynmap (and therefore the images) isn’t perfect and has some glitches.
Line downloadThe WIP map is Patreon-only. Updates and timelapses are across my socials.
Python scriptThank you xtotdam for dynmap-assemple that exports my map as an image.

29 April 2023 – imported the empty terrain


Dynmap setup: Do “ipconfig” in cmd then insert IPv4 address into search followed by “:8123”