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My review of the AXIOM MOD (New World Edit?)

INSTALLATION: Axiom (see links above) + a compatible MC version of Minecraft Fabric + Fabric API mod.

Note that the mod is in active development and constantly getting updated. I use v.1.2.4 (Just last week I was downloading b1.0.2!). Note that certain quick-tool keybinds need to be manually set in options.

minecraft keybind settings for axiom mod

First impressions

(This mod has SO many features to explore, I cover a small general part after some quick testing. Just one look at the Showcase channel in the Axiom Discord shows the absolutely incredible potential of the mod).

beautiful orange cliffs build terrain

Axiom appeared out of nowhere to an overwhelmingly positive feedback by the building community. The devs are active on the official Discord where they interact with the community and take in suggestions.

The mod’s official description names it the “All-in-one tool for editing Minecraft worlds” with “Custom UI for rapid block manipulation, terraforming and painting”.

Once in-game, you’ll find that flight feels different (is modified to have no momentum) and there is a 10th hotbar slot which acts like the World Edit wand purely for quick selecting and MOVING parts of your world. The first “true” features are accessed by holding ALT. Holding down ALT while on the 10th hotbar slot allows you to scroll through alternate tools. Holding down ALT on any other hotbar slot opens up an inventory menu with quick hotbar loadouts, gamemode management, world properties and flight speed.

Clicking RIGHT SHIFT on your keyboard opens the “real deal” – an intuitive editing program overlaid over your Minecraft world, merging World Edit, Blender, MC Edit, Microsoft Paint, Arceon and more into one convenient mod. Many builders online have described Axiom as filling in the creative void with all the features that World Edit and similar popular mods had been missing. Instead of typing out commands you get to use hands on 3D sculpting tools through the overlaid editor and see the selections in real time.

feed the mods axiom editor house rotate

One of the most celebrated features has been the humble ability to undo with CTRL+Z. There are other keyboard shortcuts listed in the Help menu. Best part is, when going back and forth through your command history, there is a unique sweeping wind animation over your world. Be careful with the history though, as going back in time and interacting with the world seems to wipe everything you had before.

You get to auto-select parts of your structure if they’re the same block type, easily generate and place shapes like cones without complex equation commands and more. I see cross-overs with the paid Arceon building plugin with features like scaling and text generation. There are biome/texture/noise painting tools that work like quick to use brushes. You get debug stick abilities for easy/cursed block states.

feed the mods axiom editor terrain sphere

The Shatter tool is incredibly interesting for terrain and structure makers alike as it allows you to create cracks (e.g. for a pavement or texture) or wide cracks that “shatter” parts of your land into pieces, like for the edges of a floating island. Certain complex tools get their own replayable tutorial prompts.

The interface is incredibly simple and the tools are intuitive to use and make building efficient. I can see parallels with the interface of World Painter, which strives to be equally user friendly. The Axiom intro tutorial (which can be restarted from the Help menu at the top) showcases the main areas of the editor:

  • Top left = tool selection
  • Bottom left = tool options
  • Center = shows the world
  • Right pane = extra options (clipboard, block color selection, history, world options)
  • Footer = shows quick help

Schematic support

Axiom supports a custom schematic format (.bp – blueprint) like World Edit’s .schematics. The community is already at work creating custom tree packs, road and city assets, rocks, mushrooms and more. Check the Showcase channel in the Axiom Discord and search for “blueprints” or similar in the top search bar.

schematic blueprint list of custom trees

Axiom vs other mods

Axiom merges and builds upon features from multiple other mods like World Edit, Voxel Sniper or MC Edit. The general consensus is that Axiom sufficiently replaces most needed features for builders and terraformers, although the mod is geared towards organics, sculpting and terraforming. Builders with “pro knowledge” of other mods, or needing specific features not present in Axiom, may not need this mod.

However, it’s important to note that Axiom can easily be used alongside other mods for M O R E power! I have just installed both World Edit and Axiom during testing and both had worked fine to complement each other. Although, switching between the Axiom interface and World Edit commands isn’t ideal.

See Axiom in action

Just type “Axiom Mod” into the search bar of YouTube. I liked this video which showed a comparison to World Edit in a fun way. You can check out the official developer’s channel for feature showcase. Or give the mod a try on your own and comment your thoughts!

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